A Better Solution than Termite Tenting Available in El Segundo, CA

Termite Tenting El Segundo CA

If you think termite tenting is the only way to eliminate a termite infestation at your home in El Segundo, California, think again. At Kilter Termite and Pest Control, we offer termite treatment services that are proven effective and far more convenient than fumigation.

At Kilter, we use the innovative KILGUARD termite treatment system instead of traditional methods. Unlike termite tenting, our system does not involve lingering fumes or odors, which means our customers can remain in the comfort of their homes throughout the process. This not only spares them hassle and the added expense of finding alternative accommodations, but it also allows them to rest easy knowing there won’t be residue that could adversely affect their families’ health. Most importantly, the KILGUARD system:

  • Completely eliminates drywood and subterranean termites
  • Effectively prevents termites from returning to treated areas
  • Is backed by an incredible two-year warranty

In addition to providing our customers with a more effective and convenient treatment solution than termite tenting, Kilter goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service. For example, we provide free, no-obligation termite inspections, making it as easy as possible for residents of El Segundo, CA, to get an accurate assessment of their homes. We also offer optional wood replacement services to help our customers restore areas of their homes that have been damaged by termites.

To learn more about the benefits of turning to Kilter Termite and Pest Control to treat your home in El Segundo, CA, over companies that offer termite tenting, contact us today.