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Free Termite Inspections in Orange County call 1-866-836-7767

                           Fumigation is not always necessary

Kilter  Termite Control is a full service termite inspection company. We provide tent fumigations,  KILFOAM treatments, KILGUARD treatments and termite and dry rot damaged wood repair. And to back it up, the BEST WARRANTY in the business. If you live in Orange County, CA or are responsible for the maintenance of a property in Orange County, call us today for a free no obligation termite estimate and inspection. 

Our inspector will identify all visible areas of termite infestation, dry rot, and termite damaged wood. This will be presented to you on a state registered termite inspection report. He will provide you with a bid for the treatment and will either recommend a primary full structure tent fumigation or a KILFOAM or KILGUARD  treatment using our twenty year proven and state tested system in conjunction with state approved application procedures. Kilter Termite Control uses KILFOAM and KILGUARD, the most effective local treatment products in the industry. 

                                                                                               Free Termite Inspection Orange County

                     DO NOT DELAY, CALL 1-866-836-7767  TODAY


                                          You May Not Have To Tent!

If a KILFOAM or KILGUARD treatment is recommended, you will not have to tent! No moving out or packaging of food required! Even your pets can remain during the treatment.

Many customers are curious about why we don’t use orange oil at Kilter Termite Control. The answer is simple: it is not effective at eradicating termites. In addition to being ineffective, it comes in varying strengths making consistency and accuracy of treatment an issue. Our concern is to protect your home from termite infestation and damage, so we use only treatments that have proven their efficacy.

If wood damage is found from termites or dry rot, Kilter Termite Control will provide you with an estimate for the wood repairs. All repairs are performed by our wood repair technicians.

Our state licensed termite inspector will advise a full-structure fumigation only if needed; often, local treatment options are available. Learn more



If your structure is fumigated, Kilter Termite Control  will provide a two-year, full-structure warranty against drywood termites. If you choose to KILFOAM treat the structure, a two-year, full-structure warranty against drywood termites is provided. If subterranean termites are found, we offer our KILGUARD  treatment backed by a two year warranty and covers the entire home from both types of termites. These contracts can be renewed on a yearly basis. All wood repair is covered by a one year warranty. Warranties can be transferred to new owners. Call us today to discuss your treatment options.


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