Termite Treatment Services for Homeowners in Santa Monica, CA

Termite Treatment Santa Monica CA

If you require termite treatment for your home in Santa Monica, California, you may be surprised to learn that whole-house fumigation is not the only option. At Kilter Termite and Pest Control, we use the innovative termite extermination system KILGUARD, which does not require the tenting used by most other companies. This means that you can remain in your home during the treatment process, sparing you the hassle and money required to find alternative accommodations.

In addition to being more convenient than the termite treatment offered by most other companies serving Santa Monica, CA, Kilter’s services:

  • Are proven effective at eliminating infestations of both drywood and subterranean termites
  • Effectively prevent termites from returning to treated areas
  • Are backed by a two-year warranty

Furthermore, after Kilter has performed termite treatment, we can restore damaged areas of your home to their original condition. Our team of experienced craftsmen will use primed, construction-length boards to replace damaged wood, ensuring a seamless repair that will maintain the structural integrity of your home. We even offer an optional painting service, which will ensure that the replaced wood matches the surrounding area. For your peace of mind, we’ll also provide a one-year warranty.

If you’d like to learn more about the termite treatment and damage repair services that we offer, contact Kilter Termite and Pest Control today. We are proud to serve homeowners in Santa Monica, CA, and all surrounding areas.