Have You Found Termite Damage in Your Home in Fountain Valley, CA? Call Kilter Termite and Pest Control

Termite Damage Fountain Valley CA

If you notice termite damage in your Fountain Valley, California, home, you should contact an extermination and repair company as soon as possible. Because termites eat wood from the inside out, it is likely that any damage you notice is more severe than it appears. Fortunately, you can rely on Kilter Termite and Pest Control – a one-stop shop that can rid your home of termites and completely repair any termite damage.

At Kilter, we don’t use traditional fumigation techniques because they are often ineffective against certain types of termites and force homeowners to leave their properties for days at a time. Instead we use the innovative KILGUARD system, which completely eradicates all types of termites and prevents them from returning. We even back this service with a two-year warranty. Plus, our system does not involve poisonous gas, so our customers can remain in their homes during treatment.

After eliminating the infestation in your Fountain Valley, CA, home, Kilter’s team of experienced craftsmen can then repair your termite damage. We are always careful to use the correct type of wood in each application and to use primed, construction-length boards. This ensures a seamless repair that will maintain the appearance and structural integrity of your residence.

Whether you need termite control, termite damage repair, or both, you can rest assured that Kilter is the best company to call. Consider that we:

  • Have served area homeowners since 1991, making us one of the most experienced companies available
  • Only employ trained technicians and craftsmen to ensure all projects are completed according to our high quality standards
  • Have been named one of the top 100 pest control companies in the country by Pest Control Technology

To learn more about the extermination and termite damage repair services that we offer to homeowners in Fountain Valley, CA, contact Kilter Termite and Pest Control today.