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Newport Beach Termite Control Companies say that termites are one of the most destructive pests in existence. However, this is only the case when they attack structures. Termites receive their primary nutrition through eating wood, but they also attack products made of wood material like paper and books. They can also damage woody plants that are in decline like trees and shrubs. This is significant if the damaged tree could damage a home or habitation with falling branches and replacement value. This makes hiring the correct termite company a critical necessity because often homeowners do not notice infestations until termites swarm into the living areas of the home. They also do not understand the problems with homes that may cause an infestation. Termites need an entry point. This entry point is often caused by some type of rot or other situations that cause an entry point to be damp.

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This often leads to their living tubes being discovered and the damage becomes apparent. These swarms often happen in the spring and are often confused with swarming ants, but the two, upon closer inspection are easily discernible. Also the method of swarming sets them apart. If the swarm is happening between places that concrete and woody structures meet, it is almost always termites. Although swarming termites are a problem, they can be vacuumed up and are not a danger, but the colony they represent is healthy and growing if they are engaging in the swarming event. This is a major problem, particularly if the home is on the market. This is the point when calling termite inspection Orange County is the only viable option. They will often give free inspections, assess the damage and outline a regimen for eradicating the problem.

Termite control Orange County explains that another indicator of termites are the dirt or mud tubes that will line wood and sheetrock when termites are present. These are the systems of travel that termites makes so that they will not be exposed to the climate and predators as they travel when they are outside of the internal wood tunnels that they bore as they eat the wood. They will also use baseboards and other moldings to travel and remain undetected. This is why the swarming effect is the first sign homeowner’s notice. The termites are so efficient when they are present, even the most professional inspectors can miss some parts of the infestation, but when using licensed professionals with proven track records, the bulk of the eradication will happen with one treatment. Often, the more established companies will treat subsequently free of charge until the infestation is eradicated.

This means that sometimes more than one treatment is necessary, but an experienced exterminator is needed to assess the damage and the necessary treatment regimen. If the damage is extensive enough, a general contractor will be needed to repair the damage from the infestation and the resulting treatment. Often the tubes will appear between the internal sheetrock and the exterior coating of paint and texture. They are often not seen until the homeowner notices pin holes in their wall finishes with dried dirt surrounding its perimeter. Skilled exterminators will notice the damage sooner. This means that homeowners that dwell in areas that termites are a problem should not only be vigilant, but they should have periodic assessments by a reputable company. If the assessments are often positive, the homeowner should employ a well-researched termite service to institute a periodic treatment regimen. This is the only barrier to termites damaging the largest investment in most people’s lives. Finally, always make sure to know and understand the necessary licensing requirements in the area, and make sure the chosen company’s licenses are up to date.

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