Get a Free Termite Inspection for Your Home in San Marcos, CA

Free Termite Inspection San Marcos CA

Do you suspect that you have termites in your San Marcos, California, home? If you’ve noticed any of the warning signs, such as damaged wood areas, creaking floors, stuck windows and doors, or pinpoint holes in your walls, call Kilter Termite and Pest Control right away. There’s no risk, as we offer no-obligation, free termite inspection services.

When you call Kilter for a home inspection, we’ll send a trained and experienced technician to your home. After thoroughly checking your residence for signs of termites, we’ll provide you with an honest report along with our recommendations for how to treat termites if any have been found. We can also discuss the benefits of our termite treatment system, which is unlike those used by most other companies.

Kilter’s Termite Treatment System

Rather than use fumigation, which forces homeowners to find alternative accommodations for days at a time, we use a more targeted termite control system – KILGUARD. We implement our system at critical infestation sites, which has been proven to eliminate both drywood and subterranean termites and prevent them from returning. In fact, we back our service with a two-year warranty. And, because KILGUARD does not involve noxious odors or fumes, our customers can remain in the comfort of their homes throughout the treatment process.

Learn more about Kilter Termite and Pest Control’s approach to termite treatment and schedule a free termite inspection at your home in San Marcos, CA, by contacting us today.