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Termite Control

Southern California has some of the highest concentrations of termites in the nation. It is key to remember that the best offense against termites is a good defense. We offer proactive treatments which can help you fend off termites before they become an issue. If you are unlucky enough to not catch them in time, fret not because we have the tools and expertise to guide you through the trying time.

Unless you live in Alaska, your home is a target for termites – which is one of nature’s most destructive pests. Termites have survived over 250 million years and can quickly adapt to changing environments. Central heating systems that have been installed in homes today can often allow termites to live in the adjacent soil year round.

Termites are always present in the soil surrounding your home. A typical lot surrounding a home can support three to four active colonies and each of those colonies can contain up to a million termites! So the threat of infestation is always present. Find out what you can do to help, because termites cause over a billion dollars in damage every year.

Subterranean Termite Control Treatments

Kilguard Treatment
This is full home  termite control treatment. It is ideal for those hard to control infestations where there are multiple areas of infestation this treatment comes with a complete 2 year warranty for re-treatment of any area of infestation. Normally there are no signs of infestation found after 90 days.

Kilguard is the only termite treatment in the industry designed to eliminate all termite species from your home. We call it complete control in hours; not days. The entire system installs with out having to leave your home or board up your pets. The products do not harm your plants nor will we damage your roof.  Ask for one of our licensed inspectors to bring you a brochure!

Kilter Subterranean Termite Treatment Kilguard By Kilter 

Kilter Termite Kilguard

Kilter Certified Technicians are the highest trained technicians Kilter Has.

Drywood Termite Control Treatments

This Termite treatment adds the foaming for inaccessible areas of infestation with the thorough Termite treatment used in the kilter area treatment to provide excellent long term control of Drywood termites. We use our extensive knowledge of termite infestations as well as the advanced technologies of fiber optic scopes to determine the extent of infestation and then inject the Kilfoam product right were the termites are located. This treatment has a 2 Year warranty.

Fumigation is a treatment for drywood termite control ONLY . Best used in situations where other Termite treatment Methods will not be as cost effective and for the  control of small termite infestations. This treatment has a 2 Year warranty.


Termite Control For All Southern California Counties

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