A Unique Approach to Termite Treatment for Homeowners in Carlsbad, CA

Termite Treatment Carlsbad CA

Do you suspect that you have termites in your home in Carlsbad, California? If so, there’s no reason to delay having your home inspected. Kilter Termite and Pest Control can provide you with a free termite inspection that comes with absolutely no obligation. One of our experienced and trained technicians will identify critical infestation sites and discuss your termite treatment options, so you can make the best possible decision for your home.

Termite Treatment from Kilter

Most homeowners, when they think of termite control, think of house tenting and fumigation. But at Kilter, we take a different approach. Using the KILGUARD system, we can target termite infestations precisely, so there’s no need to fill the entire home with chemicals. KILGUARD is also a termite treatment product that is non-toxic to humans and common household pets, so you can remain home even as treatment is taking place.

Of course, convenience means nothing if termite treatment isn’t effective. Since 1992, Kilter has treated countless homes for termites and has proven the effectiveness of our services time and time again. Our treatment will eradicate all termites in your home and stop them from returning. We’ll even extend a two-year warranty upon completion to provide you with peace of mind.

For more information about Kilter Termite and Pest Control’s termite treatment solutions, contact us today. We will gladly discuss the benefits of our services and schedule a free termite inspection for your home in Carlsbad, CA.