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what does a rat look like?


While doing an inspection for termites at a new homeowner’s property we ran across a trap left unchecked. This is why it is important you choose a company with follow through! So that months if not years later after your rodent control service in orange ca, your not left checking the rat traps or rodent traps! Rodent boxes are inexpensive and can prevent horror sights like this ! $20 dollars saves this from happening. It amazes me what we will allow pest control service providers to get away with.


Rodent Control in Orange County Ca , kilter termite control in orange ca, call for a free rodent estimate ! If you were looking for Rodent Control in the city of Orange Ca , please give Kilter Termite and Pest Control a Call at 866-836-7767 . CLICK HERE FOR SERVICE rat control in orange county california can be difficult because of the dense population combined by the woody areas of south orange county. Rats have lived in Orange Ca for years because of the Orange Trees.


Rodents cause breathing issues and can urinate on the insulation to a point where it no longer effectively insulates, it will smell gross and when the attic heats up turn into a stench pot. Once a certain amount of rodent urine has accumulated , the urine will start staining the ceiling. If you’ve ever seen someone with a yellow stain on their ceiling they may have a rodent issue. So , if you know anyone with stains or have yellow rodent urine stains yourself call Kilter Termite Control at 866-836-7767.

Rat Control Is Important Because rats piss in the attic

This is what rodent infestations look like



Thanks so much for checking out our rodent control post and if you have any questions feel free to leave us a comment and I will respond right away! We have been in business for over twenty years providing excellent service to the residents of the city of Orange , located in Orange County California! Rodents live in trees, your attic, a burrow created in hedges basically anywhere they can find food nearby and shelter from Predators. If you suspect rodents please call Kilter Asap

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