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Kilter Termite & Pest Control – Los Angeles Branch Address: 8939 S. Sepulveda, Suite 102, Los Angeles CA 90045 Phone: 310-694-0001 Fax: 714-288-5634 Hours of Operation: Monday – Saturday 7:30AM – 4:30PM

Pest Control Los Angeles

I f your looking for Los Angeles Pest Control you’ve come to the right place.  Los Angeles, officially called the City of Los Angeles is the most populous City in the US State of California and the second most populous State in the United States. The City is the focal point of the larger Los Angeles–Long Beach–Anaheim metropolitan statistical area and Greater Los Angeles area region, which contain 13 million and over 18 million people in combined statistical area respectively as of 2010*. The weather in Los Angeles is classified as Mediterranean Climate with dry summers and rainy winters. Los Angeles gets affected by extreme weather conditions often. And that is considered the cause of an increasing problem of Rats and Rodents in Los Angeles.  Pest Control Los Angeles has a serious problem when it comes to controlling rodents.  When extreme drought conditions hit the region, it causes lack of food for the Rats who find their way from the trees and fields into neighborhoods invading human dwellings and establishments. To add to this, the lavish Los Angeles neighborhoods are a treat to anyone’s senses with lush green landscape, low hanging fruits on exotic plantations and grand patios. The swimming pools and dog bowls easily available provide for easy access of water too. And to make thing worse, there are bush fires that drive these Rodents out of their natural habitation into human dwellings where they can get the food, water and shelter they need to survive. Some restaurants have been closed down because of the Pest Control Los Angeles issues.  According to a Los Angeles County Health inspector, the rule of thumb is one Rat for every human**. Wow! That’s too many Rats!

A ccording to a Pest bulletin distributed by County of Los Angeles – Department of Public Health Vector Management Program, although consistent efforts by the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services significantly reduce the risk of many of these diseases, Rodents and their fleas remain a continuing threat to the health and well-being of the residents of Los Angeles County. With such a rapidly multiplying population, Pest Control Los Angeles needs help, at once! That is where Kilter Termite & Pest Control come to the rescue of the panic-stricken residents. Kilter Termite & Pest Control are veterans in Rodent Control in Los Angeles. They are experts in Pest Control, Termite Control, Wood Replacement and Rat Extermination. They are conveniently located at 8939 S. Sepulveda, Suite 102, Los Angeles, CA 90045. Their team comprises of State Licensed Inspectors and State Certified Applicator who undergo continuing education with State approved courses on Pest detection, eradication, treatment and control technology. You can be rest assured that you are in good professional hands! It is important because lack of education in this field could lead the consumer to higher bills. Kilter Termite & Pest Control have over 22 years of experience in this field. They leave no stone unturned in patiently learning of your problem, providing you with all of their solutions, spending quality time explaining its benefits and drawbacks, and then suggesting their recommended option. They have the least invasive treatment programs where you control the frequency of their visit.

W hatever it takes for Pest Control Los Angeles, Kilter Termite & Pest Control has the solution. They are a one stop shop for all your Business and Residence Rodent and Pest Control needs. Their application methods may include dusting the attic, baiting cabinets, crack and crevice treatment and perimeter treatment. They use a combination of gels, dust, granules, traps and liquids because different Rodents have different appetite and a varied resistance. Kilter Termite & Pest Control are available immediately on call to discuss your particular Rodent and Pest problem. Their professional team will follow a thorough checklist to prevent further damage and protect your valuable investment (home or business) from the nasty Rodent infiltration. It is always very difficult and painful to see your dream home or business get damaged. Thankfully, Kilter Termite & Pest Control have the knowledge, experience and education to protect and prevent your hard earned investment. The health and safety of your family are their primary concerns. Their integrity and efficiency has led to their higher referrals that help grow their business. Once you try them, you will see for yourself why they are the best and referred by everyone who has used their services. Schedule a FREE pest evaluation or a FREE termite inspection and experience how Kilter Termite & Pest Control is a light year ahead of the other Pest Control companies and technicians for your Rat Control and Rodent Control in Los Angeles!  Kilter Termite & Pest Control.