Kilter Termite & Pest Control – Huntington Beach Branch
Address: 17011 Beach Boulevard, Suite 900, Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Phone: 424-260-1777
Fax: 714-769-8899
Hours of Operation Monday – Saturday 7:30AM – 4:30PM

Termite and Pest Control Huntington Beach

H untington Beach is a city by the ocean that includes over 9 miles of shoreline and sandy beaches in the Orange County of Southern California. It is a popular surfer’s paradise with surfing available all year around. It is well-known for its beach culture. Huntington Beach has Mediterranean climate generally sunny, dry and cool. The evenings can be excessively damp and the mornings quite breezy. The population of Huntington Beach was 189,992 during the 2010 census, making it the most populous beach city in Orange County.* With increased population, there is an increased use of space by humans. This leaves very little or no room for rodents thus driving them out of their own natural habitat into new homes they make amongst human residences and businesses. Another helping hand to these rodents is easy availability of food. It is only natural that a densely populated city produces a higher refuse content. Rodent Control is an increasing necessity in Huntington Beach as is Pest Control and Termite Control because all rodents and pests as well as termites also need moisture for survival and this city provides it all! Pest, Rodents and Termites can cause damages of an epic proportion, not to mention loss to one of your biggest assets; your health, your family’s or pet’s health, your home or your business! Fortunately for Huntington Beach residents, the experts and veterans in Termite, Pests and Rodent Control, Kilter Termite & Pest Control – Huntington Beach Branch is located conveniently at 17011 Beach Boulevard, Suite 900, Huntington Beach, CA 92647.

K ilter Termite & Pest Control’s integrity and expertise is backed by over two decades of services in this field. Their business has mostly grown by referrals and nobody refers a service they do not like or appreciate. Needless to say, Kilter guys are the best! Over these years they have developed a system and protocol that crosses all t’s and dots all I’s in helping protect your property. They patiently listen to your concerns, explain their procedures and products, and will suggest the best solution for your situation. For them, your family’s health and safety is a primary concern. So you do not have to worry about the various scary stories about Termite and Pest Control processes. In addition, they also educate you on the dos’ and don’ts which is an extremely valuable knowledge coming from “the” experts! Another added benefit with Kilter guys is that they work with your schedule. Their least invasive programs give you the flexibility to choose the frequency of their visits!


heir services also include Wood Replacement. They cater to all kinds of wood types. Once the Kilter team is at your property, you can simple relax as they take over and leave no stone unturned in inspecting carefully every nook and corner relentlessly till they uncover and discover all problem areas that are affected or have the potential to turn into an infestation. Their search and treatment extends from nooks and corners to the perimeters, cabinets, and even attic. Their treatments include various forms of applicators and procedures from gels and liquids to traps. With the ongoing continuing education and certification from State Approved Courses, they stay ahead of the technology that they apply in practice. Their Applicators and Inspectors are state certified and licensed. So you can be rest assured that your valuable property is in the experienced and trained hands it deserves. Kilter Termite & Pest Control’s goal is to make sure you are satisfied. They are not only courteous but also the reliable professionals you can count on. Try them for a higher level of satisfied customer service and expertise. They are only a call away!

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17011 Beach Boulevard, Suite 900
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by Nicolas Lewis

I purchased their service for a one time termite control treatment. The service went better than expected. They did what they promised. The staff was professional and skilled. I encountered no problem in scheduling the service.

 by Jonathan

Amazing customer service! Treated my home for termites and saved it from further damage. Great customer service and products!

 by Allen Eigenmann
Kilt's-Impressive Service

Compared to other similar companies, Kilter have well-trained and more professional employees. Dave, Aaron and the other guys I have met were very passionate about their job. I am really impressed with their service, especially since they showed prompt response and sincerity.

Aside from that, I am also very impressed with Kilter’s termite treatment system. It is so effective and is inconspicuous. This very effective treatment saved us a lot of trouble.

 by Diana Alene
Treated my home for ants and termites

Originally, I contacted Kilter to help take care of our ant problem. But during their inspection, they end up finding a termite colony as well. I even saw it myself!

Thank goodness, Kilter came! If the termites were discovered late, who knows how much damage they would bring!

So, aside from ants, they had to take care of the termites as well, but they weren’t prepared for termites. Thus, they came back the next day for the termites. Thanks to them, everything got under control.

I decided to sign up for their regular pest control service. By the way, they didn’t pressure me to get this. In fact, I was the one who asked them for this!