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KILGUARD Complete Termite Treatment

A Full Termite Warranty For Your Entire Home

If you have discovered termites in your home you may wonder how much time, money, and inconvenience this is going to cost you. When you are considering what termite treatment services to employ in the extermination of your termite infestation there are probably many things that you are worried about when it comes to your home. You want to get rid of your little visitors before they do more damage, but you want to do it in a environmentally friendly way. The best termite treatment method that you can find for this purpose is the KILGUARD™ process, exclusively offered by Kilter Termite and Pest Control.  

Questions commonly asked about the KILGUARD™ process

Q. What is KILGUARD™
A. It is a system/process designed to control both types of Termite infestations common to California, Drywood Termites and the subterranean termite species.
Q. Does it use toxic chemicals?
A. The termite control chemicals used in the KILGUARD™ treatment is not toxic to humans or common household pets.
Q. Is the treatment safe?
A. KILGUARD™ is a solution that will use environmentally friendly materials to free your home of your termite infestation. The Best Choice For you and Your Family While many treatments will be effective in controlling your insect infestation, KILGUARD™ is a Alternative to Common Termite Treatments including Tenting and more environmentally responsible option for you and your family. With this treatment method:

  • You will not have to bag up or move out your food or dispose of food in your home unnecessarily.
  • You will not need to worry about the health of yourself or your children that may be adversely affected by exposure to toxic fumes or odors.
  • You will not need to board your pets during the treatment or worry that they may suffer from the chemicals used.
  • In addition, the process does not use gases that kill your plants, so your houseplants and garden will not be harmed by the process.

The Best Termite Treatment for your Time and Money

You cannot put a price tag on these important considerations, but In addition to the health and safety of you and your family the KILGUARD™ treatment will not hurt your pocketbook either. It is designed to combat multiple infestations, so you will not need a return visit to deal with another species. Other great features of the treatment include:

  • Complete in hours, not days: You will not need to stay in a hotel overnight waiting for the treatment to be completed. KILGUARD™ can be completed in a matter of hours.
  • Combination termite and pest control package: With a coupon, complete pest control can be combined with the treatment.

Choosing the KILGUARD™ treatment will mean that not only do you not have to worry about your termite infestation anymore, you can rest assured that your family, pets, and plants will not suffer from the process. Call 866-836-7767 today for your free inspection.

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Kilguard Treatment This is a home termite control treatment. It is ideal for those hard to control infestations where there are multiple areas of infestation this treatment comes with a complete 2 year warranty for re-treatment of any area of infestation. Kilguard is the only termite treatment in the industry designed to eliminate all termite species from your home. We call it complete control in hours; not days. The entire system installs with out having to leave your home or board up your pets. The products do not harm your plants nor will we damage your roof. Ask for one of our licensed inspectors to bring you a brochure.