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Rat Exterminator

Rodent Control is a serious matter, we often forget just how many diseases and damage they cause in such a short amount of time. Not only do rodents chew through your home to get in your home, they chew things just to chew. They will bite through the wiring of your home. Many fires per year stem from rodents eating the insulation of the wires exposing them to the insulation of the wall void. They will create as many entry points as they can giving themselves access to other areas of your home. They use these holes to enter and exit your home, like it was their home. Rats and mice can climb brick, other rough surfaces, inside and outside pipes and walk on wires. Rodents can drop 50 feet without being seriously injured. They are able jump vertically 36 inches and 48 inches horizontally. Norway rats can burrow vertically into the earth to a depth of 4 feet. Most people do not realize that rodents can swim a mile in open water. They can enter plumbing traps, swim in sewer lines, and swim against substantial currents. Mice are not as good with water as rats but can manage. The Teeth of the rat makes the homeowner and exterminator cringe. They grow 4 to 5 inches a year and can prevent their eating if they do not gnaw them down. They are constantly chewing to get their teeth to the “proper length” (each rodent probably has their favorite length of teeth , like we have preferable hairstyles HA.) Interesting enough they are able to chew through lead sheeting, aluminum, adobe brick and even concrete! Diseases are transferred and transmitted several different ways some as gross as the rodent “biting” you or your loved ones others as simple as the rodents fleas ticks or mites that used to live on the rats. They contaminate the food and water of your home with their feces and urine. One of the most dangerous situations for rat exterminators is the insulation of attics that has severe urination as the Hantavirus is contracted this way. Exterminators everywhere when they open the attic door shriek inside when the smell hits them. This foul dangerous odor gets into the air conditioning and creeps through the vents pouring this harmful smell into areas of your home.

Rodent Control Service Checklist For Exterminator

  • Screen roof vent pipe
  • Screen air conditioning runway
  • Screen turbine bonnet
  • Screen eve vent
  • Place snap traps, glue boards or stations.
  • Screen block at the base of the structure.
  • Stuff Concreted steel wool in holes around the home (holes they created or holes naturally present like spanish tile roofing)



Rodent and Rat Exclusion

Rodent trapping alone cannot control a rodent infestation. 22 years doing rat exterminating has allowed Kilter to create a system. We not only trap the rats but seal all the holes in the building that they have created. Rats and mice are both capable of entering holes as small as 1/4 of an inch. Our system does not initially involve any rodenticide in fear that your children or pets will come in contact with the material. We care about your family and pets. We want your home to be rodent, whether mice or rats, free.  

ABC NEWS – RAT KILLS KID | 8yr old Dies from Rat Bite

Diseases Rats Cause

  1. Salmonella
  2. Rabies
  3. Leprosy
  4. Swine Dysentery 
  5. Bubonic Plague
  6. Hantavirus
  7. Tuberculosis
  8. Foot and Mouth Disease
  9. Rat Bite Fever


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