Advanced Termite Treatment Solutions for Homeowners in San Marcos, CA

Termite Treatment San Marcos CA

It is important that you don’t let a termite problem in your San Marcos, California, home go untreated for long. Termites can spread rapidly and in only a short time can do damage to flooring, windows, doors, cabinetry, and even support structures in your walls. At Kilter Termite and Pest Control, we make it easy for homeowners to get an honest and accurate assessment of termites in their homes by providing free inspections. If you notice any of the following signs, contact us right away to see if you require termite treatment:

  • Piles of insect wings
  • Pinpoint holes in walls
  • Creaky floors
  • Stuck windows and doors
  • Mud tubs extending in a fan pattern from your foundation

Kilter’s Termite Treatment Method

If we discover termites in your home during our inspection, we’ll put together a custom plan to quickly and effectively eliminate the infestation. In most cases, we are able to handle our customers’ termite problems without fumigation. Instead, we use the advanced KILGUARD system, which targets critical infestation sites directly. This is far more convenient than traditional tenting methods because it allows you to remain home while treatment takes place. Most importantly, KILGUARD is highly effective at eliminating all types of termites, and we back our services with a two-year warranty.

For more information about Kilter Termite and Pest Control’s approach to termite treatment and to schedule a free inspection at your home in San Marcos, CA, contact us today.