Innovative Rodent Control Solutions for Homeowners in Escondido, CA

Rodent Control Escondido CA

At Kilter Termite and Pest Control, we are rodent control experts who specialize in serving homeowners in Escondido, California, and all surrounding areas. We understand how troubling rodent infestations are to our customers and how they create unsanitary conditions and cause damage to homes. That’s why we act quickly and use proven-effective products and methods to provide the best possible results.

When a customer calls us to perform rodent control services at their home in Escondido, CA, the first step we will take is to perform a comprehensive inspection to identify the extent of the problem as well as infestation sites and entry points. Then, we’ll use what we have learned to develop a custom treatment plan. Typically, we utilize the RO-DEX system, which is exceptionally effective at eliminating a variety of rodents, including:

  • Roof rats
  • Norway rats
  • Brown rats
  • Mice
  • And others

Once our rodent control system is installed, we will continue to monitor and adjust it as needed until there is no more sign of an infestation. Finally, we’ll provide an outstanding two-year warranty, which will leave you with the peace of mind of knowing that you won’t have to deal with another infestation.

For more information about the rodent control services that we provide to homeowners in Escondido, CA, contact Kilter Termite and Pest Control today. One of our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to discuss your situation and arrange an inspection at a time that fits with your schedule.