Are You Looking for an Alternative to Fumigation for Your Home in San Diego, CA?

Fumigation San Diego CA

If you’re dealing with termites in your home in San Diego, California, the prospect of fumigation can be daunting. Not only is having your entire home filled with chemicals hardly desirable, but you’ll also need to vacate your residence for days, resulting in added expenses and a major disruption to your daily routine. However, Kilter Termite and Pest Control takes a different approach that doesn’t require fumigation. In fact, our method doesn’t require you to leave your home at all during the termite treatment process.


At Kilter, we use the innovative KILGUARD termite control system, which does not involve filling your home with noxious fumes. When you contact us, we’ll perform a free termite inspection in your home to identify critical infestation sites. Then, we’ll use our system to target termites exactly where they are. KILGUARD has been proven to eliminate all types of termites. In fact, it is often more effective against subterranean termites than fumigation, as it prevents these pests from simply burrowing into the ground and returning later.

Your termite control system will be implemented by a team of professionals who have years of industry experience. You can have complete confidence in the skill of our technicians and the efficacy of our termite control methods because we provide a two-year warranty.

Contact Kilter Termite and Pest Control today to learn more about the advantages of the KILGUARD system over fumigation. We are proud to serve homeowners in San Diego, CA