Don’t Delay – Get a Free Termite Inspection for Your Home in Redondo Beach, CA

Free Termite Inspection Redondo Beach CA

Termite infestations spread quickly. Left untreated, they can cause extensive damage to your home in Redondo Beach, California, which can be costly to fix. For example, your cabinetry, window frames, doors, floors, and even support structures within your walls are all vulnerable to termite damage. So, if you suspect you have an infestation, contact the experts at Kilter Termite and Pest Control for a free termite inspection right away.

Kilter is a Trusted Source for Termite Treatment

After we’ve inspected your home for termites, we’ll provide you with a complete assessment along with our treatment recommendations. We believe that once you’ve heard the benefits of our services, it will be clear why so many homeowners have chosen us for termite treatment. Instead of fumigation, we use KILGUARD, an advanced, targeted termite control product that doesn’t use noxious fumes or gasses. This means that, instead of leaving your home for days and finding alternative accommodations, you can remain in the comfort of your home throughout the entire process.

Our termite treatment is highly effective at eliminating all species of termites that commonly affect California homes. In fact, it is often more effective than fumigation at eliminating subterranean termites, as it prevents them from burrowing underground only to return once treatment is completed. We’re so confident that our treatment will keep termites away, that we back it with a two-year warranty.

Contact Kilter Termite and Pest Control today to schedule a no-obligation, free termite inspection at your home in Redondo Beach, CA.