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Free Termite Inspection Carlsbad CA

A termite infestation is a serious situation that shouldn’t be ignored for long. Termites can damage doors, windows, cabinetry, and even support structures in your Carlsbad, California, home. Plus, they can spread rapidly, which will lead to more costly damage and make the infestation more difficult to treat. At Kilter Termite and Pest Control, we strive to make it easy for our customers to get a complete assessment of their homes as well as all the information they need to make the best treatment decision. If you suspect you have termites, we can provide an efficient and completely free termite inspection.

Convenient and Effective Termite Treatment

Following your free termite inspection, our knowledgeable technicians can provide you with our treatment suggestions. Unlike most companies, we are often able to rid homes of termites without fumigation. Instead, we use an innovative product that is not toxic to humans and common household pets – the KILGUARD system. We target specific areas of your home where termites have been located, and typically only one visit is needed to eliminate the entire infestation. We even back the effectiveness of our service with a two-year warranty. Best of all, you won’t need to leave your home, which will save you money and prevent any disruption to your home life.

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