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What Doesn’t Bug You, Makes You Stronger!

It was very hot outside, I couldn’t take the heat. I decided to go to the clubhouse and get something to drink and hopefully return to the golf course with a better temperament. After getting my drink from the clubhouse, I headed back out to the hot golf course and still was very irritated by the sun. I know I chose to come here, but I did not expect the heat to be so grueling on me. I saw some brush and woods in the area over the hill past the golf course. Since everyone was having fun but me, I decided I would go and take a walk and see what I could find, but really I was just looking for shade.

I could have just stayed in the clubhouse, but I couldn’t see my family golfing from there, so I thought by going into the bush, I would still be able to enjoy the action, but at least get some shade, and not make everyone angry with my irritating complaints. I walked into the bush and the grass was high, I didn’t understand why they hadn’t cut that portion over there, but I guess because it was right in front of the wooded area, it made sense to let it grow. As I got a little ways and, I felt something on my leg, it almost felt like a tingling sensation, so I looked down quickly to see a bunch of red ants scurrying around my leg.

Fire Ants!

I almost had a fit trying to get them off. I slapped at them so hard, that my leg hurt afterwards. So I actually walked a bit deeper into the brush and found a rock and decided to sit on it and nurse my leg. while sitting on the rock I looked at my leg to see it was already starting to develop red spots. It burned incredibly, I believe those were fire ants that were biting me, but I didn’t stick around to ask them what species they were. I was already complaining so much, I didn’t want to burden my family anymore with my story about the bytes, so I decided to stay there on that rock and watch the golf game from faraway, but hoped to still enjoy it.

Fire Ants On My Boots

Fire Ants Everywhere

I hadn’t been on the rock but maybe 15 minutes, when I started hearing something weird behind me, I couldn’t make it out, and even though I was terrified to look, I turned around. This was just on believable, a snake! Not just one snake, but somehow, when I sat on that rock, I had tilted it enough to let a bunch of baby snakes that were huddled underneath a high portion of the rock for safety, out and into my presence. I’m so smart, that I fell backwards into the snakes, like jumping into a mosh pit. Now I’m not a snake person, not by any means, and I think the entire golf course heard me scream, but if they did, they sure didn’t show it, because no one came to my rescue.

Den of Snakes

First ants, and now snakes, what else? I’ll tell you what else, while I tried to lift myself out of the dozens of slithering snakes around my waist, I ended up offending several of them by pushing myself up by my hands, and pressing on their bodies. This led this sweet little reptilian creatures, to bite me, several of them in fact, which only added to my fright, and made me fall on my back this time. I continued screaming when I started feeling a couple of them wriggling through my hair. This would be funny, if it wasn’t happening to me, I was furious, but I was more terrified, because I didn’t know what kind of snakes these were.

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Finally after screaming long enough, a crowd gathered in front of the brush where I had started out at and ran to my rescue. I was so frantic, I started crawling out of the brush, in till someone helped me to my feet. I pointed to the mess of snakes behind me and my mother laughed at me saying that they were harmless snakes and not poisonous. When I finally regained my composure I remember feeling a sensation under my shirt, so I looked only to see a snake that was very small, had gotten into my bra somehow. I ripped my shirt open and threw it out quickly. Everyone started laughing at me while I tried to cover myself and maintain my dignity. Needless to say, that was the last time I ever went to that golf course, or into that brush.

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