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Something About us, since 1991 Kilter Termite And Pest Control has operated on the premise that treating termites is a better solution than expensive wood replacement. This obvious conclusion was reached because the founder of Kilter worked for several years as a carpenter, replacing termite damaged wood. He saw first hand the extensive damage created by long-term termite infestation, and improper treatment. Believing that termite companies were not getting the message to the homeowner and that much unneeded fumigation was being done, he formed Kilter as an answer to these problems.

Now over 22 years later the same integrity and complete treatments continue to be the reason why the bulk of our business is referral driven. It’s our only goal, to exceed the expectations of the homeowner to a point where when their friends or family ask about who they use they not only say us but recommend using no one but us!! It’s through our loyal passionate customer base that we have been so successful and will continue to be.


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At Kilter Termite and Pest Control in Orange County Ca, we believe in educating homeowners so they can make a sound decision regarding their property. There are many ways to exterminate termites and if you learn about us,  a myriad of products can be used in treatment. We take the time to explain the benefits and drawbacks of each method, and recommended product. Our primary concerns are the health and safety of your family, and the eradication of any existing termite problem.

Our Kilter Total Termite Treatments Program assures you of the most thorough Free Termite inspection, and high quality treatment available in the industry.

We are proud of our reputation, and hope that you will become one of our many satisfied clients. Thanks so much for spending your time on our site and allowing us to service your most precious investment; your home!

Education & Expertise

Our State Licensed Inspectors and State Certified Applicator undergo continuing education with State approved courses on termite detection and termite control technology. Pest detection, eradication and treatment Education is one of the keys to quality treatment.

Free Termite Inspection in Los Angeles and Orange County

We have three locations ready to help. Please visit our Kilter Termite Branch locations page for details, or simply give us a call today at 866-836-7767!